The S1E blog.: April 2005

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thanks Rinababe!

Thanks tons but i'm quite full up now. haha.. the irony of it all. just got my provisional licence for relief teaching so i'll be calling the schools near my house up soon! haha. also have about 4 people for tuition now. so i'm full! on top of all that, got my med stuff to settle. hearing about aliya's interview gave me the heebie jeebies! *nervous*

but my interview's on the 6th of may so yeah.. i think i'll start losing my mind about it in a few days time.

dan: worry not, God has a plan for everyone. hee. relax brudder, i'm sure everything will go okay la.

i wanna watch Kingdom of Heaven. *whine*

Monday, April 25, 2005

for li

Dear all,We have on hand an assignment at the Holland Village region.
The assignment details are as follows:
Level: K 1
Preferred timing: Morning weekdays.
Address: Holland Close
Remarks:Tutor to coach in all subjects.
Student will not listen if mom is around.
Tutor Requirements:Fulltime tutor.Female
k 1. 2 x 1.5hrs / week
offering $10/hr
Monthly pay: $120
The parents would prefer a fulltime tutor who is experienced with young children. Please give this assignment due consideration as the parents are sincere in engaging a tutor.Thank you for your time and have a pleasant weekend. Regards,Daryl1) Name: 2) Contact Number: 3) Qualifications: 4) Current Occupation: 5) Address: 6) Fees: 7) Years of Experience: 8) Details of relevent experiences: 9) Age, Gender, Race: 10) Free slots:

check out somemore assignments at

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hi pple....

Hmmmm looks like everyone got sth to do.........I'm caught in the middle of nowhere......between waiting for ns in june and attending interviews, occasional relief teaching.... I'm so glad I got shortlisted for med interview and tests....but it's really a tremendous amt of work having to write the personal statement on why i chose have to rack brains, do soul-searching blah blah...but i've come up with my first draft...yikes, hope to be able to submit by deadline nextweek.
I'm so into med, I really dun noe how i'll take it if I dun get two years of jc life passed with med in mind...i hope i'llbe able to convince the panel of my sincerity in wanting to do med...Hmmm..i'll have to pray hard and trust in God's plan for me i suppose...


suziefatimah sends her love

All the best everyone. NUS NTU SMU etc. Hope I'll get to see you guys in singapore soon, well maybe not so soon. but i definitely have to come down to take stuff and see you guys. things are very tight for me. i'm in my first yr law (for those who don't know) in KL and my exams will be in august!!! yes THIS coming august. Law's really tough but at least I have passion for it. all I can say is, I sure am glad I'm never touching transition metals or integration or complex numbers ever again!! yay! bye bye chem and math! i will be transferring to uni of manchester to do my final yr there. so, probably graduate in 2007 (if all goes well and i work hard).

yeah so that's about it for updates on me. and oh, i miss you guys! that one no need to update lah, you all know right?



hello ppl...
ntu sent out the letters liao..hope those who applied to ntu got in:) but i think not many pple applied to ntu right? haha...anyway...i'm screening tax forms everyday now...looking through about 60-100 forms per day..these really teach me a lot man...either pple dun bother to read the guides or they're just plain time we start paying taxes, please remember to fill in the compulsory fields no matter how much income u're declaring!!!!! and help to save the trees....u should see how much paper we're wasting on adjustment sheets plus standard letters(to disallow claim for reliefs) haha.....anyway, to all the guys who just went in recently..hope u all are surviving...good luck to you pple....


YO yo pple, juz came back from shitty tekong after enduriNg 16 plus shitty days in TherE. The SHittIest thiNg is that I Have to book IN back to SHitty TekoNg ToMorrow.
All i can Say Is Tat I can'T stanD rules, Rigid LIfesTylE aNd The nEeD to Be disCiplINe...


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Med School and PHOTOS!

Got my letter from NUS a few days ago. *moan* i can't believe the incredible amount of stuff you have to do to be able to get into medicine. bah. really. BAH. have to get 2 letters of recommendation (by people who know you.), have a personal statement (haven't even thought of starting) and a CCA record. not to mention the gazillion tests and a STUPID ESSAY CANYOUBELIEVETHAT. oh well. there's no point moaning and groaning over it. might as well get started on the whole thing.

hey hey hey. when is anyone going to post photos ah? <-- of the KL trip

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


thanks rinaaa...

eh eh ahmed/yanti.. where do you all work? maybe if i'm in the area anytime soon, i'll drop by to get my book. =D


hey ellen stop saying u're fat mans. haha. im sure u are.. den pigss will fly.. haha.
anywaes. li i din go cos she sounded like so *toot* on the phone.. haha.. like u wan come dun wan i dun care attitude mans. slap her. anywaes will help u look out:)


jordan chan is hottt!

.......ehhhh ahmed...what you mean, the look on SUZIE's face??
im the one you should be concerned with man, i could've gotten ebola or some other monkey disease! haha as it is, im still sniffing *sniffsniff*
hmm by the way, i think "suzy" looks nicer cuz "suzie" looks kinda hooker-ish ahahahahahaha.

oh yeah does anyone know where to get old old hongkong movie dvds/vcds?? umm not like, ancient ar, but im looking for these series that ekincheng and jordanchan acted in! help!


I don't really mind anywhere (other than Sengkang. i have no idea how to get to sengkang). hah. i'm in desperate need of cash! wooh. keeping my fingers crossed about the tuition things. what happened at the mrs ho thing? good or not? haha if not, i don't wanna waste my time :P


haha... omgggg... the mokey spat on yanti..
it probably needs to be culled or something.. wad a terrible monkey..
hahaha... so long time never see you guys..
im stuck in indo with a sore throat n husky voice..
thats terrible.. cant eat all i want..
ive grown fat .. my jeans are bursting at the seams..
n my fats u might as well call it blubberrrrr...
i cant wait for uni too start too rina.. haha..
finally having some routine.. =)
cya guys.. someone come visit meeeee



woah haven been checking the blog so mani things happening..

li! i called that mrs ho b4.. regarding tuition assignments just keep calling agencies.. u wan assignments in wat area?maybe i can help u look out..
anywaes. nus will start the week after national day..and u noe wat? i forgot all bout the $10 application fee.. great rite? sooooo smart.. haha. shit lar. den went down last week to pay.. but good thing its not like closed or wateva..
been very long since i've seen many of u.. hopefully will meet up soon.. wonder how sean is doing at tekong. must be gaying. haha.
had a hard week.. one of my student's mum's such a scrooge!! argh. ask me to tuition him for half and hr each time and den dun pay me.. walao. slap her mans. haha. but nvm lar.will stop after his mid yrs.
im actually realli realli looking forward to skool mans. altho like.. all the adapting and stuff again.. we must make use of this time to meet up.. once school starts it'll be realli hard.. so ya.. take care!


Monday, April 11, 2005

aye kl was da bomb

yea hey i keep thinking bout tat time when dear little suzie spat at yanti hahaha
the look on suzie's face was priceless hey kl was great... should do something like this again... it's like escapism for me n i'm sure yanti shares the same sentiments aite....and li i fin the book so anytime you wan it back juz let me know was a good read by the way... n ellen yea long time no see babe u la wanna go us for hols i have to rob bank ah like tat..... -ahmed

Very Post KL

Withdrawal symptoms indeed. hee. KL was a blast. *pleased*

Hey, how do you all get your tuition assignments ah? I'm like looking but i can't seem to find any. :( anyways, i'm going for some tuition thing at paramount hotel this wednesday, at 5pm. it's a briefing by some mrs ho and apparently she trains people up to give tuition and helps you find people. I can't even begin to imagine the commission i'm going to have to pay. *dread* anyone wants to go with?

ahmed! haha take your time girl, i've read the book all of 3 times. I need new books anyways. :)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

got the date

i guess i'll be enlisting on June 10. but no official letter yet. I have been calling Mindef eversince Feb/Mar....and each time they promised quick action by saying it will be processed in a week's time....that my med report still with the hospital.....and other reasons's only after zz success thru the MP that i contemplated calling the MP. But alas, a call last week said June 10. so its 2 more months of freedom... at least its June so i can make it in time for uni admission two years later, if its july etc, i will miss admission in 2007. so hmmmm dun noe what to do....anyway, nette...i took psychometric test with moe, not so easy lor...havent heard from firefly too...guess i didnt pass the 2nd round...wasnt that easy....tough competition with the large no. of rj people....those with brains and brawn...ocs...haiz....nothing's easy, not even with 4 As....but i'll try and pray super very very very hard i can get into my desired med course in NUS...



haha..what exactly happened during the kl trip? someone blog leh.. haha, hope u all had lotsa fun.. Just started work at iras this week, so far only training, will be starting front-end screening of the tax forms next week... Guess it won't be too boring cos' i met a few laughing mates and we've been laughing a lot during our training was like lectures tho, and most of us needed sweets to keep awake..among the four crazy souls, i think we finished about 2-3 tubes in 1 day haha..the aircon there is's so good that i nearly froze..literally..was on the verge of chattering.. hey elizer,so where would u be studying?and to daniel,u mean zz 's case got through finally aft he went to mp?u can do so too what..haha..guess ur experience in relief teaching would give u an edge over others for ur psc scholarship lor..well..i think my iQ too lan4 liao..haven't heard fr psc since then..haha..nvm..

Thursday, April 07, 2005

post KL.

heh to answer ellen, no, i wasn't carrying any peanuts! or any type of nuts for that matter. haha monkeys just find me irresistible man, jealous not. anyways suzy-fatimah is an abnormal monkey, she doesn't eat bananas, but she'd rather jump into people's bags and try to pull off their shoes and belts! omg i miss herrrrr hahaha.
and i really think im having withdrawal symptoms man, i keep comparing the prices of my cab rides to those in KL haha, and i actually even had a dream about being back in KL! with siqing, cuz she's my bank, and i wanted to buy the Hitch vcd but the guy selling it was a bastard. heehee. i suspect it's more the idea of being on holiday, rather than being in KL, that's haunting me so much.
haiz okays, let's do this again when i've squirreled away enough money!


haha.. hi guys..
hahaha.. lizerrrrrrr so saddd but u r coming to smu rite? haha.. good goot u can be my classmate..
haha.. ngeeesss i wanted to go kl but couldnt.. i wanna see the video too..
hahaha.. long time no see ahmed.. haha.. yanti attacked by monkey.. haha..
were u holding some peanuts or wad..?
dan.. just call up n ask why haha...
anyone wanna go usa for holss? haha..



Hi people....haha my second post in a long time...haizzz after tmr i will be even more lonely...all the guys will be in army by then.. :( .....i think i will be enlisted only in June (I hope not later than that; Mindef is sooo inefficient!!) perhaps seeing MP will do the trick...haiz anyway i dun noe how i will spend my time these few getting quite sick and tired of relief teaching...If any of you have any great plans or outings, pls do inform me!!! Life seems boring now...i need a spark to light up my life...

Melancholic DAnY

Hi everyone it was nice to see all you guys yantiliyanayenhanyasmssiqing. I WANT THE MONKEY VIDEO, YASMIN!!! yanti was attacked by an over affectionate monkey named fatimah-suzie-cheeky-monkey.

lizer don't worry, I got accepted by USC but don't have the money to go so I guess the BOTH of us aren't fulfilling our American dream anytime soon. But what the heck ya?

everybody, all the best for all your scholarship applications, uni applications, interviews, gapyears, whatnots. God bless.

I'll be bAck -arnie

love, ngee shin

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

hey guyz...

sorry forgot to write my name... elizer here...

hey guyz...

how come i didnt know bout d kl trip? anywayz i wouldnt b able 2 go even if i knew... so yeah... n guess what? i wont b goin 2 US after all... got rejected by d unis u c... kinda sad... but u hav 2 move on u noe... hope ur all doin fine... i'm doin great here... slackin for d most part... doin some readin n cookin... i'm currently in my cousin's place... hooray 4 broadband!!!

hey Li thanks for the book gonna fin it soon very sonn so i'll let u noe wen to pass it to u aite -ahmed

Monday, April 04, 2005


Wah, see hwee, bu zhi bu jue, so fast u are 19 already. How do u feel about only having 2 more years to go b4 u can watch R21 movies? LOL. Have Fun in NS and everything man. WIsh u hv good health and may ur quest in finding a gf be realised soon. :) I think i'm the first to wish u happy bday on blog ya? hahahahahahhaha......

Sean L

Friday, April 01, 2005

yup yup

Haiyah, by this time, you KL trippers are prob on the train on your glorious way to KL. I also want to go. %#*&$!I%! cousin for getting married. Haha