The S1E blog.: March 2005

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

i also wannnn

wahhh... time pass so fast.. this weekend alredy u guys going to kl..
i also want.. but cant.. grrr... anywayz li.. im only coming bak in aug coz uni starts then..
haha.. good to hear im not the only one who starts shoppin for uni clothes...
hahaha... and yanti.. im staying in sg for at least a year.. then see how..
i might transfer to a us uni.. haha.. =) painting my nails now..
takes so long to dry.. but it smells nice... anna sui rockzz.. haha..
take cares.. cya guyss
have fun in kl..


haha liiii....uni starts in august??
wow ellen, does that mean ur gonna be studying singapore?? yay!
umm anyways how are we gonna meet on friday ar, where, what time.....cuz i have no idea how to get to the station, would it be idiotic to take a taxi from tanjong pagar mrt huh huh, anybody wanna take taxi with me!
ooh and, does anybody else feel like checking out the tigers and monkeys (and bears!) at the KL zoo?

Monday, March 28, 2005

who needs a driving instructor???

Hello hello...
Anyone who needs a private driving instructor at ubi area, please let me know okie? He teaches the manual car, charges at $22/hr. His car is quite new(SFB plate no.) And, if I introduce new students to him I'll get $20 commission, of which you'll get a,whoever needs an instructor, pls tell me! thanks!

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Sorry about the not replying elln! LJ people have also been all over my ass about my little hiatus from posting.

I suppose i do speak for a few people when I say that applications are a living hell. Just (JUST!) finished my essays for the stupid NUS application yesterday at like 2am! wth. *dead*

Anyhoos, can't WAIT for the KL trip. i'm really quite excited. *happylala* exactly how much money should we bring ah? are we doing like insane amounts of shopping or just like holiday shopping? cause i might actually be shopping for my university days! prolly need to bring a few extra bags.

okie dokie. watched Hitch. hmm.. it seemed like a nice movie straight after the movie but on hindsight it wasn't like academy award standard or anything. man not by a few thousand miles. but it's a fun show if you have spare cash. hee.

righto. i'm off now. i'll see everyone around!

have a safe trip back elln! (what's happening in august?)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

emotional wreck..

i lost/misplaced a bear someone gave me..
im being sentimental.. muz be pms..
losing that bear its kinda sad..
its a memento of all the wonderful memories..
still remember the day i got it..
life's sad.. especially today..
was catalouging my stuff and i came across a halfmade ragamuffin doll and unfinished pooh tapestry..
im gonna finish it one day.. yeah.. one fine day.. i'll do just that..
no one's bloggin anymore..
ah well.. going back jkt on this sat.. sayonara...
see ya guys in august...


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

hmn.. hee.. haw..

ngees isnt coming.. thats sad, was looking forward to shopping wif her..
caught a movie wif siqing n lingsze yest.. haha..
in good company is ok, had its funny moments.. but a bit drab i think..
scarlett was hott.. from neck down..
have an interview today.. freakein out now...
havent been reading newspapers lately.. make that 3 months..ha..
life's complicated.. so is jeans considered under smart casual?!?!?!

haha... good fridays' coming.. yeaH..
met az, yanti, aliya at smu open house..
its good seeing u guys again.. haha..
and yeshhh someone finally agreed wif me that he looks like smarties.. ha..

still remember the trek to steamboat place where ever it is on foot from marina bay..
ha.. wad a brilliant idea to do that.. see.. dun ever do it unless u are on flats..
trekking thru grass n rough terrain is just isnt good when u r in 10 cm stillettos..
and see hwee i was just being honest.. no offence ya.. dun try to shoot me wif ur rifle or something
its just an observation k n due to my imagination working overtime. .so ya.. gomeee... if i sounds evil
cant wait to go back indo n slackk but for now i wanna shopp till i drop.. =)
i guess i'll see you guys when i see you guys.. ha..


The Silence is deafening

Sudd blog so quiet again. Not a soul around. Mayb everyone shld blog their daily happenings in brief, here. If not, the flame of tis blog will extinguish soon...

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Hey, I just remembered I can't go for the KL trip because it's my cousin's wedding that weekend (030405)

Ah damn! I want to go berjaya times square and have fun & eat. AAAHHH!!

Oh I can't go for the dinner this Friday too because I'm watching Heffalump!!!!!!!
So cute!

Anyway, all the best for your driving SQ!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Class gathering on 18 March :)

Okie finally settled. having gathering at someone's place is far too troublesome
so yeah here are the final details
Venue: Marina Bay Steamboat
Time: 630 pm at Marina Bay Station Control
Plans: Steamboat and walk to esplanade to hang out and talk cock

Sorry to all the minahs but this is the best gathering out of the longggg msn talks abt the gathering. Feel free to have any other suggestions.
Please join us if u can make it. :)
pass the msg around everyone...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

cant wait for iT

haha.. yo people..
ngees said she coming down to sg on 24 marc... yeayy..
lets go out n have fun..
haha.. anyone knows where they sell nice looking feminine laptop bags... haha
so far i;'ve seen only those masculine ones.. terrible
urgh.. must come for the class gatering k.. haha
longtime no see u guys.. only saw rina, hongyi, siqing, sean..
wad happen to the rest..
hahaha.. working doesnt mean no lifeee... hahaha
ok ok.. so since im going back indo on 26 mar.. hope to see u guys before i leave..


i miss everyone!!!! + class gathering(IMPT!)

hieeeeee. im finally freee!!!! okie anyone feel free to call me out coz' im not working anymore!!! haha i dun wan to work already la cant be bothered man... we all should just use this period to enjoy ourselves and do the stuff we want instead of working! since we will be working for the rest of our lives after we graduate yeah?
anyone my life has been really fun and fulfilling and enriching meeting ppl of different walks of life. ive been a student care teacher, doing admin at starhub, and waitressing at indochine(for 2 days wahaha). yeah. working life isnt that easy afterall ya?
so im gonna use the remaining time before the uni starts(provided im studying locally) to learn a lot a lot of stuff like baking/cooking, tennis, golf, kickboxing/yoga/pilates, guitar, a new language, etc etc la...
have been seeing some of u guys around, and some during NUS open house and i think its time we should have a class gathering!
okie so tentatively is gonna be set on this friday evening.
so details:
Date:18 March
Venue: Sean's House (will be double-confirmed)
Things to bring: Its gonna be a potluck or do u guys want a BBQ? Comments pls. I need volunteers for the food and drinks too.
Time: Around 5 till late! ppl working pls come after your work. unemployed ppl pls help out before that.

So, please leave your suggestions so i know how to plan it.
thanks a million!!
and im gonna take my driving test this friday!!! PLEASE pray for me! haha

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

no title

hey hey.. to ellen, i'm not working at suntec anymore...and howl's moving castle is great! u must watch it!!! (tho actually i think i still prefer spirited away)
In fact now i'm jobless argh.. supposed to start work at iras on 16th mar, but they said due to logistics problem i can only start work on the 5th! well well... gonna look for some temp job meanwhile.. anyone has any lobang for a temp job between 16th mar - 4th apr?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Post Results/Class Trip/Mostly Rubbish

Elizer! aha. been wondering where you at.

post results-wise, i really hope everyone's okay right now. *hugs hugs hugs to all (THE GIRLS)* sorry i've been a complete BUM at posting. don't worry i won't pull off another one of my 15minutesofrubbish post. (at least i hope not)

ellen, ooh i saw the trailer and it annoyed the heck out of me. haha maybe it's just that old woman's nose. sorry girl.

how come the class outing is this saturday? aren't you all going for the NUS Open House? or is it an NUS Open House cum class outing thing? *puzzled*

class trip-wise, i can't confirm, cause i'm going for a holiday with my mom as well. and fi's birthday is on the 4th so if i can convince my parents to let me go and i can convince fi to visit his friend in kl (which is secondary to parental consent) i'm probably in. either way, my mom has to check her leave and everything. i'll give sq an sms asaik (as soon as i know).

keep me updated about the class outing this sat! i have not attended enough!

calling all the unemployed

hehe.. hey guys
anybody interested to watch howl's moving castle? hehe...
this week? hahaha...
so anyway annette are u still working in suntec?


good things are meant to be shared

Good things are meant to be shared wat, so tat includes good titles too. Hah. ^..^


...cuz im broookkkeeennnn.

wahlau sean! so unoriginal, copy my title! you unimaginative shit. summore make it sound so unglam - post results again. tsktsk.

erm sq if u need confirmation, den YES im going KL haha, dun ever doubt it! my rollercoaster is waiting for me man. or should i say rollercoasters.

hmm okays and ellen! thailand sounds a tad scary siah. like, what if i get pickpocketed and separated and then i get kidnapped and get my arms and legs chopped off and forced to become a beggar for a syndicate?? my whole future, destroyed! my youth, my vitality, gone! heehee so gotta decide if authentic thai tomyam is worth taking that risk man.

i would just like to end by saying that the best songs are the sad songs. esp if sung in gruff rock voices and nice strummy guitar riffs. mmm.

see you guys saturday, i think!

Monday, March 07, 2005


lizarddddd... tupid lizerrrr now then show ur head,
where have u been hiding in some deep holey hole in the phillipines..
haha.. lets have anotehr class trip to thailand after to KL
thailand is good food paradise plus cheap too yaaa... hahaha
so wads the details b out the class outign on 12 march?
isnt that on like nus open house day??
miss u guysss... hikz hikz.. couldnt see u guys on fri.. grrrrr


haha, this place is like dead, no?

Anyway, urm, I don't know if I can go KL, but I would love love love to go berjaya times square @ bukit bintang and take the many many scary puke-inducing rides!!

Anyway, I'm fretting about deciding uni courses & applying them.

ohwell. urm. What about the classs outing/gathering on Sat 12/3 sq messaged abou??

Ok, I got nothing better to do.

good luck and manyloves to everyburdee.

guess who's here???

i finally made it... after months of searching the depths of the internet... i'm here at last...

actually i'm just too lazy... but don't worry guys i'm not dead yet... sorry if i didnt go to results day.. but thats life... hehehe...

so how u all doin... i really miss all of u... hope to c u soon... yup i think i'm goin singapore for uni after all... what a bummer... but its ok i guess...

ok enough ramblin... take care everyone... n i'm still unemployed how sad is that!!!

oh yeah this is elizer here...

Saturday, March 05, 2005

post results again

HOPE All are happy and relieved after having collected ur results. iF not happy also nvm, go Uni den chiong and pia and strive for excellence. GOodluck to all for the future ahead


Friday, March 04, 2005


ello. hope everyone's satisfied with their results!
so now, are we going on the kl trip?? like, nobody's talked abt it for so long and i have a great need for weekend getaways. haha and can we like, go to an amusement park?? i wanna ride rollercoasterrrrr.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Good luck!

Hey pple.. see ya on friday...all the best man.. *cross fingers*