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Sunday, July 31, 2005

class outing

Heya ppl,
been hibernating a bit.
Anyway, yeah, I've missed quite a bit of class outings. Always find out about them at the last minute. No fair lah!

Hmm, I did go the NUS Malay/Muslim Soc camp. That was really fun! Even though in the end, I'm not going there. The fright night was pretty creepy (li will confirm it!!) and the ppl are really fun & warm (got a bunch of eyecandies I'll never see again !!!!). Yeah, it was really cool, they even held a candle-lit dinner by the riverside for us!

Anyway, take care ppl & have fun when school starts for you all...
Hope that there's a possibility of a class outing I can attend soon... :)


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