The S1E blog.: November 2005

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My laptop is dying on me. After 4 years of intensive usage. Moving in and out of hostels, back home, to kl, to the UK. People can't follow you everywhere you go but a laptop certainly can. He has been very faithful. Yeah my laptop is a he. Because it's not pretty like an apple or toshiba. It's plain, rugged and a little ugly. Its speakers are completely crap. (silent type of man haha) But it's been very good to me. Always held out during virus attacks, at least long enough for me to back up data. The photos in this laptop have been from ever since I was in Nanyang Boarding, the crazy things we used to do!! It's battery is completely gone (hence it's permanently hooked on power supply. Hahaha like he's being put on life support. And it goes off every once in awhile. Like just turns itself off, as if it's saying, I'm tired, just let me go. Let me rest.

I may need a new one soon :( but I can't let go of this little Acer. He's such a trooper. I love my laptop! But it will stop working one day. It's getting slower and slower and freezing and stalling and shutting off voluntarily. Age catches up on inanimate objects too..

Monday, November 21, 2005

yo peeps

Yo people, how r u guys doing? Is it the exams now? If iT is den good luCK.

Tis blog seems like a dead place, nobody's blogging here anymore.

Erm, Btw, can somebody blog here about some nice hang out places. Some nice eating places or some nice movies not to be missed? i would Like to know More coz its Boring Hangin ouT the Same PLAces and eating from The same Food oUTlet everytimE.