The S1E blog.: May 2005

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


hey ppl,
haha.. i will be coming to sg around end of june till early july..
we must have a class outing then ok.. i miss ya guys...
hahaha... congrats li n happy belated bdae.. =)
and who is going smu besides me n yenhan... haha...


Sunday, May 29, 2005


hey peeps was reading my autograph book and realised how much i missed u all. we should have an outing soon.. hows this.

--> dinner on SAT 4th JUNE. ORCHARD MRT 6pm. okok??
and we can go shop! GSS!! haha

pls tell me asap and spread the msg. thanx~! hope to see u guys soon.

to daniel:everything happens for a reason so no worries pray bout it and be sure everything will turn out fine:)

li: sorry i missed ur birthdae! happy bdae babe and congrats on getting medicine! woohoo u guys are damn power.


Saturday, May 28, 2005

congrats ppl

hey..congrats to those who got into med...u all very fortunate..heard about the screwed up shortlisting for interviews and all...glad u all made it! :) Jia you wor..5 years is quite a long time, plus housemanship daniel, well, every guy has to go through ns, so just try to make the best out of it lor...time passes very fast there la, dun worry.. good luck to everyone for uni and ns life! :)

Friday, May 27, 2005

Reality Sinks In

Hi pple...Sigh :( Mindef said no deferment from NS for me cos age limit is 18 and i'm 19. I might have to go thru 2 years of NS b4 studying...but i asked them if i can disrupt next year instead of studying only in 2007. Present policy cannot disrupt after a year but they are asking the head whether can or not...

Hope they realise that I'm gonna be studying MEDICINE and not some other course. It's demanding and by 2007, after 2 years in ns, my brains would have ROTTED...Also, other males my age would be able to disrupt and study this year, unlike me, and then serve the remainder of their ns as Medical Officers in Mindef. If I serve the full 2 years, I would have to slog my 2 years in some vocation, and with no remainder ns to serve after graduating, i dunno if i'll get the rank of captain as MO. Sigh, if i dun, then my whole reservist life when i work will be sooo tough. YES, I HATE the idea of giving your life to the army and having to come back for reservist training in ur adult working life.

I just hope they allow disruption next year. Finally the reality of going thru NS has struck me...I'll be going in on June 11, with the poly, ITE batch of pple. I hope i'll be able to interact well with them. SIGH :( Everything has gone wrong just becos of my late enlistment which definitely isnt MY fault. Medicine is 5 years and if i have to serve 2 years of NS b4 studying, I dunno when i'll become a doctor.......WOULDNT IT BE AN AWFULLY LONG TIME??? And Liyana and others my age would become my med sch seniors.

Now as the reality of NS sinks in, I just want to enjoy my two remaining weeks as a civilian and cherish my family, friends...It's depressing...Really. Haizz...I am just feeling blue and moody. Imagine the regimentation and physical training...And the 2 precious years that's just gone like that...:((((((((((


better late than never.

okay i was totally going to put a screen shot of my acceptance to NUS med but nevermind. it didn't fit. :(


congrats to everyone who got what they wanted! wooh. for reasons why i didn't update earlier please refer to my livejournal which can be easily accessed by the panel on your left.

thank you and have a nice flight.

(practising for indian airlines tmr! haha. sad sia)

Thursday, May 26, 2005


congrats daniel!! haha..shawn ng (odac) also got into med.. but he's taiko shit. haha. alwaes so heng one. cant stand. okk.. who's the one that asked me whether i going to law? no lar i not going lar.. i staying on in OT..:) haha aliya oh so exciting aha ur sis is in pt? PT got more guys lar..more eye candy my course onli got 3 guys and all ahha. okk dun be so bad. anywaes ya decided tat i'll rather enjoy my 4 yrs den put myself thru the horror of law school cos i got no passion in that.. even tho the pay is like 3,4 times and the prestige needless to sae lar.. but.. ar..opportunity cost hahahha! ya:) k jiayou everyone meet up soon:)))))


Sunday, May 22, 2005

I got it! :)

Haha hi people! I got accepted into NUS Medicine! So Happy :) Really Thank and Praise God! Finally the agonising wait is over... Also got NTU and MOE Scholarship but will reject those scholarships. Hmmm now, I'll have to call Mindef up and request for admission into med this year though I have not and will not be able to serve my BMT by July this year when admission starts. I really cant relish the thought of starting med next year.....Current Mindef policy is for males to serve at least BMT b4 going for med. I dun noe how they gonna work out my case....
Haha from what i see, most of our class gals are going to SMU???? How about the guys beside See Hwee, Sean (who r going ntu/nus i think)??
OKie , all the best to everyone, and congrats to those who got what they wanted :)


Saturday, May 21, 2005


congrats to everyone who got the course of their choice, scholarship etc...
me.. ntu. chemical&biomolecular eng.
not sure if i can go for the cls come my cls outings r always so near each other!? haha...think i've got sec4 cls gathering too...will check again..
anyway, to yenhan..think u asked me v long ago on driving instructor's car is a manual car, white honda...
and, anyone who hasn't started driving and is interested to do private manual, let me know okie? :)

congrats rina!!

eh omg u got law!! so howww? will it change your mind to go and do law instead of OT? heh.. but knowing our good ol rina i dont think so right :) jiayou!!

I dunnoe if I can go on the 28/29 but I'll try.

Anyway, wow, Rina, u doing OT!!! Kool, are u on NHG?Singhelath scholarship?
My sister is doing PT (yr 2) & my 2 friends doing PT also. Urm, yeah, if u see anyone who looks like me say Hi! Haha, actually she doesn't look like me lah my sister.

Anyway, urh, I forgot to tell Ngeesh I'll be gg KL this weekend w my family. Hurhur! But it can't beat the funness if I had gone w the class. yeaah well.. :


oh mans i cant make it on the 28th and sundae morning i also cant. ya.. so anywaes enjoy.. i got my law letter mans. damn shockeddd... i miss u guys

Friday, May 20, 2005

heys everyone!

hey hey.
lets have a class gathering! i miss everyone :(
date & time: sat 28th may (evening-night) / sun 29th may (morning -afternoon)
so that the NS guys can join us!
venue: k-box!!!!! maybe at parkway/ katong shopping centre. any suggestions anyone? it would be fun!!! :)

please leave your comments k? hope everyone can make it!

btw kinda late, but the KL photos are up on my webpage. you guys can go check out.

and sigh. im still pretty clueless which uni im going into or even what course im taking. oh wells.
congrats to those ppl who got what they wanted and know where they are going! :)

this is so sad

only me and ellen read/post here nobody does any more sighhhh :(


haha.. still suffering jetlag.. this is bad..
woke up at 3am n the thing is i cant fall asleep anymore..
my mum's bdae is nearing n i cant think of wad to give her..
someone help me thinkk..
oh.. anyone wanna go hk? haha.. in july?? haha..
oh.. n im going to smu, double degree in acc n biz ..
i wonder if ven reads the class blog.. haha..
elizerrr are thou still in phillipines? haha..
az.. yanti..yasmin.. where r u guys goin?


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

update update!

wonder hows everyone and whether they've made up their minds on which school and what course?

I shall start the ball rolling: I'm going to SMU doing Accountancy & Business, and i got SMU Scholarship!! Wheee super happy :) Heh.


p.s. everybody update ok!


hey haha.. i just got back from the states
wad terrible flight hours but a wonderful experience
oh my gatt rina, u r taking that course, its so great..
i wonder hows everybody..


Sunday, May 15, 2005


hey everyone ! just to update.. im schooling already! aha. sooo happy to go back to studying.. im doing occupational therapy at NYP.. for those who dunno.. its helping ppl like the disabled , stroke patients, children born with disabilites, ppl involved in accidents etc who have lost the ability to perform everydae life to regain their independence and do basic things like feeding themselves and changing.. its 3 yrs NYP 1 yr uni of sydney. realli loving the course.. thank God i managed to get in tho it started 3 weeks already. so ya. realli passionate bout it.. :))) im soo happy.. like hysterical. ahha. ok hope everyone's fine i rrealli miss u guys lets meet up soon!


Tuesday, May 03, 2005


If you happen to be in the Sultan Mosque area, go check out Sufian's parents' eatery.

Guaranteed good food! Let's hold class gathering there some day, heh.
Shop name: Hajjah Ratna
Address: At Jalan Pisang opp. sultan mosque

Look out for shop owners resembling in any way like our dear Sufi (ie. short.. cute.. haha)

Public Service Message brought to you by Me. :)