The S1E blog.: July 2005

Sunday, July 31, 2005

class outing

Heya ppl,
been hibernating a bit.
Anyway, yeah, I've missed quite a bit of class outings. Always find out about them at the last minute. No fair lah!

Hmm, I did go the NUS Malay/Muslim Soc camp. That was really fun! Even though in the end, I'm not going there. The fright night was pretty creepy (li will confirm it!!) and the ppl are really fun & warm (got a bunch of eyecandies I'll never see again !!!!). Yeah, it was really cool, they even held a candle-lit dinner by the riverside for us!

Anyway, take care ppl & have fun when school starts for you all...
Hope that there's a possibility of a class outing I can attend soon... :)

Sunday, July 24, 2005


School starts tmr liao..though lectures officially start on tues cos' there's welcome ceremony tmr.. I'll be staying in hostel with yancy! haha.. fun.. our room's not too bad..cosy :) Well, we went for our hall camp together, it was quite horrible for me at the beginning but in the end it got better lah, usual games, cheering, awful disgusting dirty station games, fright night etc.. i left earlier for other stuff though..
well well...if there's going to be any class outing, hope it'll be soon! i'll try my best to go :) hope all of you settle down in your respective schools soon :)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

one more thing...

elizer again... can sum1 teach me how to blog... i need to let out sum creative steam... i feel so repressed...


hey guyz... i'm back... elizer here... lets have class outing b4 uni starts... esp for nus/ntu ppl... shud go out together next week!!! i dun have a fone ryt now so everythin must coordinate thru email/friendster... or can call 63549224... tho i'm not always in my room... oh yeah i live in RI Boarding now... working as tutor... i get to terrorise all those mugger RJ creeps!!! bwahahaha... anywayz... miss u all... i'll b in smu... yey... but i didnt go 4 any camp... havent matriculated yet... i hate camps anyway... i dun see d point... so u make friends? at d cost of getting all muddy? i think i'll pass... n camp food is like s***... ok enuf babble... lets go outing!!! promise i'll come... but it cant b friday night... i have boarding duties... Hasta luego! (its see you later in espanol)...


hey people,
im back in sgpore again...
haha.. havent been to a class outing for months n months
LETs have one.. haha... wad about next weekend?


Monday, July 18, 2005

Class outing?!? Anyone?

Hey pple!!! Haha been super long since anyone blogged....and long time no see so many of u... Perhaps we could have a class gathering/outing sometime soon b4 uni bogs us down.

Just been to medicamp last week. 3D2N. Quite short, but fun-filled nevertheless. On Wed (13 July), we had fright night at sentosa, where the seniors posed as ghosts in a jungle trail in sentosa. It was very dark, no lights, at some point our light sticks were confiscated too....It was just like BMT/army i supposed, though i've not been thru ns yet. And so u make ur way alone (for the guys, in pairs for the gals) thru the jungle trail and for me, the most scary part was walking alone in the forest from one station to another cos that's the time when u're REally Alone. At the stations u get shocked, but it stops there, u do not get terrified, just shocked/ surprised by 'ghosts' popping up. Honestly when the 'ghosts' grabbed me at the stations, I was Relieved cos I could feel their warm bodies and blood coursing thru their veins...which of course tell u that they're ALIVE!! It's when u proceed alone on the journey to another station that u feel petrified cos u're alone and any rustling of the leaves is enough to set u running towards the stations, where u'll meet - with relief - the 'ghosts' (who r actually ur really nice seniors.

Day 2's filled with games in the chalet. Games in the pool and innovative games in the field that get u all dirty...Some of the pool games quite one where ur og is supposed to come up with either a dance, ballet, or performance of some sort all in the shallow pool. My og did water ballet (think Water Boys). We didnt sleep on the last nite, played games till dawn.

Hmmmm quite fun lar....oh but alot of rj pple naturally, seemed like a mini get-together for them haha......

Okie so anyway hope we can have some kinda outing soon....cya all then


Sunday, July 17, 2005


DAn must remember the promise u made to me and see hwee in Bugis.. Remember man, when the time is ripe, u must do wat u must to make all our dreams come true....

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

heyz been long since i blogged here. sorri ellen im one of the nonexistent ppl ahha. so bz with school and tests and projects.. im sooo stressed man.. and im not performing as well as i like to.. shiat.
anywae.. ellen are u still in s'pore?? and pls update bout all ur uni camps and stuff:) miss u guys lots.

heyz been long since i blogged here. sorri ellen im one of the nonexistent ppl ahha. so bz with school and tests and projects.. im sooo stressed man.. and im not performing as well as i like to.. shiat.
anywae.. ellen are u still in s'pore?? and pls update bout all ur uni camps and stuff:) miss u guys lots.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Sean.. my herooooo...

hahaha... yo seemingly non-existent people..
ah.. well.. sean sms-ed me one day asking hows life
n i said " life's great, i dropped my fone into the toilet bowl, so who r u?"
for sean, its the truth manz... it really happened
haha... only met up wif yenny, siqing, azleen.. so far..
i wonder wad happen to the rest..


Sunday, July 03, 2005

we are leaving on a jet plane

hello! me and siqing are going to hong kong! yay! bye!

-yen han

Saturday, July 02, 2005


erm..i tried to take away the empty space on our blog by reducing the width of the sidebar to 190px instead of 200px. the empty space was gone in the preview but the font size of our blog became larger..tried to make it smaller but the font size was either very small or large, like now..din save the editing but i think the font size is still very large...argh...i'm sorry..hope no one kills me..

THe random story game

ONce upon a time,
1. There was a nerdy guy
2. his name was SEAN LEE MUN KIT
3.and he liked monkeys very much
4.So he adopted a monkey named RINA TING HUI WEN.

hahaha take THAT!.. lol.heh :P

ANyone remembers ngeeshin?

Hey S1E, I'll be coming in mid august okay? I really hope I can meet most of you! Haven't seen you guys in uh... quite a few months :P especially ELLEN ONG! who disappeared prematurely to indo. anyone coming to kl please gimme a call: +60126078378 especially if you're stuck somewhere or dunno how to cross the road. WAHAHAHA just kidding. we all jaywalk very very pro-ly right

Friday, July 01, 2005

Empty space

Yo come there is an empty space in the blog?? Is it my comp only or what? The class blog looks desolate, ulu, pitifully empty and cold. :( Not that I have anything interesting to contribute.....Haizzz...
Well are we gonna have a mega class outing where almost everyone will come? That'll be great...b4 we all start uni.