The S1E blog.: January 2005

Monday, January 31, 2005


The S1E blog.
az wat u working as??

Sunday, January 30, 2005


heyz, im back in indo again..
on 56k internet.. so freaking slow... i miss my 512k..
yeah.. thanks yenhan, hongyi and ven for sending me off.. hehe..
so long never see u guys.. =).. too bad got no time to go and talk and talk and talk..
and i havent eat prata while in sg, havent gone out wif u guys yet,
hehe.. im gonna miss walking ard orchard road till till i drop..
hehe.. n yenhan dun forget to send me the fotos.. =) , hehe.. i did dress lousily today..
and u know when the plane just touched down this crazy malay indon who sat next to me switched on his phone n called his gal n talked to her thru speaker fone.. like wad the hell larz.. want the plane to crash arh..
then after which came the announcement "please do not use your pdas and handphones until the cabin doors are opened"
that guy also during the flight asked me "is that a goldfish?" when i was watching finding nemo.. like wad the hell larz..
i just ignored it.. wad rubbish.. clownfish become goldfish, and wad was he doing looking at my tv screen?!?!
haha... ok enuff b8888in' so i'll c u ppl i march..

Saturday, January 29, 2005


hmmmz.. k, i really like the idea of the trip but sadly i cant go on those days.. got work ah.. n for now, kinda enjoying wad i m doing really.. hehz.. yeap.. the only time i can spare is from 7th feb to 10th feb.. monday to thursday.. hahaz.. when everyone else will be celebrating chinese new year.. hahaz.. so i guess i can leave on the sunday nite, 6th.. hee.. so if not, hope u guys enjoy the trip.. dun haf too much fun cuz i will be absolutely jealous.. =p .. since the dates r still tentative, can consider? .. hahaz.. joking ah.. i m sure all of u hafta celebrate the new year.. yeah maybe after As not too bad.. maybe den i can be a little more daring to take leave..hehz


Friday, January 28, 2005

yay class holiday sounds exciting!

thanks yenhan for organising :) can't wait to go! i was thinking if we really wanna budget travel we cld stay in student hostels ie YMCA? or is that too unsavory for us? anyways will check out whether my mom has airline discount at de hotels and whether she can help us. yay so fun! miss you people man. oh and btw i'll be going japan over CNY for holiday with my family. have a great weekend guys!

felicia :D

damn excited too mans

hey all girls plus some slacker guys like sean who is not working and haven been enlisted pls go to KL! thanx so much for planning yenhan! haha so exciting manss.. okk anywaes take care everyone i miss u all lots.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

in singapore again...

haha.. yoz people..
i missed all the s1e outings before.. now everyone's like working
haiz... came to sg like on last saturday.. havent seen any of u guys yet.. haha..
u guys are busy working.. hehe.. and taking driving tests?!
haha.. anyone buying a car, lend me ur caR.. hehe..
at least i went shopping.. but cant go for the class trip to kl, coz my cousin is getting married on 5 march
haha.. must have at least one class gathering laterz ard results day k..
hehe.. seems like all of u are busy working except for me..
slacking ard.. hehe.. shall start working for my dad soon i guess..
anyone wanna go usa for a holiday in april? hahaha...
coz im going there , lets go togetherrrr... hehehe..
im going back to indo on this sunday aft, so.. cya guys when im back here again..



hey...i'm so sorry guys..i don't think i can go for the trip cos' i believe my theory exam is on that saturday..argH!Anyway, if you all really go, enjoy yourselves man..haha..Business at coldwear is getting bad, now I can even read books during work! haha...anyone free can come visit me at suntec! :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


take train take train!
haha i hear it's nice and fun and clean, and i've never been on a train!
man yenhan, i think you have fantastic planning skills we just need the people!



Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Hi everyone. I am being damn enthu and i am going to organise a class trip to kl, one night stay only so it will be cheap and good. heres the detailed explanation.

leave for kl on night train. ticket is arnd 20bucks? Im choosing going by train cuz it saves time when travelling at night. does anyone know if there r night buses going to kl? if theyre cheaper we can travel by that too.

arrive in kl. leave stuff at hotel (baggage drop or check in, whichever is available).
SHOP: one utama, berjaya, jalan bukit bintang, midvalley and MORE
PLAY: berjaya times square indoor theme park, sunway lagoon if u guys want
PARTY: kl zouk and other pubs! :]

check out of hotel. leave stuff there, continue playing until 10pm

sunday night, 10pm
leave kl via train for sg.

reach tanjong pagar railway station. or if u live in woodlands, can get off at the woodlands checkpoint and sayonara. once again, if there are any cheap night buses, let me know.

PLEASE pass the msg and let everyone know. AND PLEASE check out hotel rates. like ppl with parents with credit cards, pls do a thorough check of all the cheaper/discounted/rewarded hotel rates of kl hotels that credit card holders are offered. THANK YOU!

oh ps. the dates are tentative. siqing suggests the wkend after release of a level results. yah?


Saturday, January 22, 2005


hey you guys! we never really had a class holiday right right?? come to kl lah! or something langkawi whatever! :) i mean if we don't do it now, we'll never do it! oh and yanti, tag me when you come to my blog. and the rest of you darlings too! so i know you're there. miss you guys very much. oh and for those who don't know, I'm studying law now in kl, it's a lot of work but very fun as well. muaxess to all of you. and to those who are working and earnign loads of $$$ I AM SO JEALOUS!!

love, ngeeshin

Friday, January 21, 2005

holiday! holiday!

heh was reading ngeesh's blog and it suddenly occurred to me....maybe we could go visit her in KL one day! like, instead of her coming to visit us! man, i sure could use a short getaway to anywhereeeee. besides, the last time i went to KL was like uhhh....12 years ago or sth hahaha. yeah let's gooooo go go go!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

saaadd is my song :)

heeheeee im glad to hear you don't mind taufik, yenhan, cuz we're farrrr from done
well at least, I'M far from done. hahaha...
i fervently hope and wish and pray *crosses fingers* that i win tickets to his showcase!
yepyep more taufik updates soon hurhur :p

taufik groupies!!

last night i dreamt of taufik can. i think its the taufik groupies' fault! I dreamt that his no. was published in the papers so i went to call it. first call couldnt get through. 2nd call i got through and he was like "yes i'm taufik." and im like "TAUFIK!!!" scream scream. haha :]


=} A new beginning....

Harlow S1E!! found out abt our class blog recently.....and looking at the interesting posts.....thought i could add to the diversity....haha.... :) Anywayz, after a month of idling at home....and napping...and wandering about...and living life without an aim (and without school books and notes), i finally got a taste of working life (of temporary jobs that is..). At a small media company last week, i sat at a desk and printed CD labels......and yes it's tormenting having to sit for 8 hours facing the computer screen and printer....guess i am like 25% more myopic 'cos of that (gees, anymore and i will be blind).'s super boring but at least u get paid while staying at home doesnt. I called up several companies and sent emails but no luck in finding employment. Even went to an interview with an events company but backed out 'cos i'll have to work 8 - 6 p.m mon to sat and sometimes sunday....not very ready for that.

Haha....signed up for MOE relief teaching too and surprise! I got a call today asking me to relief at Sembawang pri Sch (near my house). And so i taught pri 2...everything from Eng to Math to Music. And the students cant pronounce my surname....haha got called "mr yum" by some. Haha but the kids were cute and I shouldnt have smiled when i first entered the class....sounds cruel but that's really a wrong move to make with the pri 2's. But alas! looking at their innocent and quiet faces (they seemed quiet at first), i couldnt bear to refuse them a smile....and haiz...i shouted myself hoarse trying to get them to keep quiet. They were'nt just noisy, they ran all over the place; some kept coming up and saying: "teacher teacher he took my pencil....teacher he this and teacher he that"...and during the lesson, there a few who were the ubiquitous "Teacher's Pets"- those few who said 'quiet' to their fellow classmates whenever i said 'quiet' and those who always volunteered to write people's names on the board. Haha...but the ruckus aside, i must say the teaching part was fun, albeit having to stop here and there to gather their young minds back to the board. I thought them Maths ("Addition with renaming" - whatever that means; it's from their textbooks) and gave them a small test....also did English worksheets with them.....OH ya do you "wear your socks or "put on your socks"??? I marked it as "put on"...not very confident of it but still marked it nevertheless. Oops ok shall stop's too long already....sorry :)
Anyway it was a fun experience...didnt regret it one bit.....Ok stop.

DanY'05 :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

i got sunshiiiinnneeee.

man. and here i was, sitting quietly, trying to keep my taufik fanaticism (is there such a word?) under wraps when aliya just HAD to dub me "the groper groupie". haha but quite funny, it's got a nice ring to it. so, Groper Groupie it is, i guess. heh and then i shall forever be known in the office as "girl-who-giggles-at-comp-during-lunch".

oh wells. i've got nothing much to add on about our taufik-ed antics, except that taufik's cute!! errr okays not cute in an obvious way, but....aiyar just take my word for it. he's damn cute. and his cd's okay, not that fantastic but, hey it's taufik! nurrr but i think he shld've included "My Girl" on the album cuz he did it oh-so-wonderfully in singapore idol. alright i shall shut up now :p

Monday, January 17, 2005

More Taufikness

hehheh... t'was fun indeed and aliya darling the pictures are absolutely gorge(ous). :) yay!

anyhows, there were somemore strange/funny/weird/whatever little moments (and little people) in between the rushings which i'm sure they'll remember. At Gramaphone there was that basket guy with like 5 taufik albums. haha mad mad. and before taufik came, they cheesily decided to play "i dream" at like EVERY place we went (except suntec). so all the minah groupies where shiok shiok singing along. -__- . what. ever. so taufik came and in the midst of all the jostling and screaming, i could barely hear aliya and yanti's obscenities. my other connectionfull friend was severely pissed off and decided to haul ass to the next place. but they did manage to give taufik two bags of something. and he actually turned back to get another bag of whatever they were giving. so sweet.

after that there was a mad dash to hmv (which i still deny vehemently as anything groupie-esque, yanti) where we couldn't see anything. cause they bluff us and put the barriers in the front when he was inside. so we got bluffed. and i stood on the fountain thingy next to a makcik (aunty) with a kid whose head was touched by taufik. yay for them!

we decided that going anywhere else would have been pretty pointless so we made a beeline for carrefour, suntec and decided against taking a cab. so we got there at like 6.30 (he was to make an appearance at about 7.30) and were very very glad to see the lack of crowd. t'was a fresh sight indeed. we positioned ourselves very advantageously next to the stand of taufik cds (so yanti and me had to play salesgirl and pass people cds everytime they ask). at about 7.25 the place was like jam packed and i was standing with jesslyn and we were totally squashed. as was yanti and aliya.
yanti: i think my husband's going to beat me up for being barren. *giggle*
poor aliya was sick so we were quite worried. but we managed to somehow keep from being trampled. taufik was a trifle late and the basket carrefour people kept threatening to not allow him to come in due to "security and safety" reasons. bah fishsticks i say. so yeah, they kept blaring the stupid loudhailer siren thingy. (not at us thankfully cause we were the best behaved corner) and i completely will not forget the bunch of gay-ish guys who started squealing when he came. *snortlaugh* as well as the minah with the crooked miniskirt. heheheh. can see her in a picture!

wooh. after that we went to millenia walk for a while (to watch salsa people) and then we went to club street! to Spizza. VERY NICE. all munjen and mama people must go! we got served by Muhidden (who i refuse to call taufik's brother for lack of identity). he was terribly nice and very very patient. hehe. me yanti and aliya ate only deserts but the other bunch of people we were with had pizza. really good pizza from the looks of it. must go must go. and if you go try the carmen for desert. omg. damn nice. We left earlier than the rest and niz, being the wonderful darling that she is, walked us about 15mins out of her way to raffles place mrt.

yay! and that's it.

today, i had my first day of work alone. and knowng my luck, today we had the most patients since i've been working there. like 23 patients. and i had to handle 3 urine samples (2 from maids and 1 from an old ah pek). and i had to chaperone my doctor (who's male) for a proctoscopy, which is really basically looking up some lady's backside. *stress stress* but i've got a nice doctor la. and i think i can manage. i don't think i've screwed up yet and i hope i won't!

and oh, good luck seehwee.

see y'all.. aliya, need to return you the taufik presale and we need to meet up again. ask az when her next off day is!


Haha! Hello people.
For your entertainment's sake, I shall recap the hilarious thing Li, Yanti & me (Aliya) did last Friday__Taufik Trailing! pics here:

Yup, we became Taufik groupies. It's quite fun, even though we're no diehard fans compared to those that turned up. So anyway, last Friday, we tried to tail him from location to location as he signed CD store posters in conjunction with his CD release.
First, we tried CDRama at orchard but by the time we turned up, it was chockful of people. Read: His fanclub people (mostly schoolgirls) and old ladies! Ok not old, but middle aged women with vidoecams, like me (videocam-wise, not age-wise). Anyway, Taufik was late, and so we decided to go to Gramaphone at Paragon, his 2nd location. We waited and waited and he arrived. And the pushing began. And the screams. Not us screaming, of course. But it was really kinda pointless, on hindsight because all he did was walk in, sign the poster and walk out. Less than 5 minutes! Cheat our feelings. Haha, I took many shots on my 10x zoom camera but I can't upload the video because it's on tape and I don't have the firecable or wtver to transfer the video on the tape to the comp.
Anywya, we ran to HMV after that but we couldn't see him! It was too full! So we rushed to Carrefour Suntec, his last location where we waited for over an hour for him. We got a really good spot near the front corner hehe. Yanti got to touch him! (groper groupie!) Anyway, he came (late as usual) and signed more things. It was very funny, because you can cuss in public and no one cares. Heh. I screamed out :What the hell?! Stop pushing you f***tards! And no one heard! Except the videocam. Oops. But it was that noisy. And all the pushing.
Anyway, after Taufik left apparently there was a stampede which resulted in fainting(??), sprained ankles & crying...yes...crying. So stupid.

Haha, so there you go. Being a groupie is fun and tiring.
So there was my Friday with Li & Yanti. Cheap thrills. Hehe. If only a really good band came, I'd be more than delighted to be a groupie again... Not for now...

Oh wait a minute, anyone going for the SMU patron's day? Taufik & Sly will be there........

Sunday, January 16, 2005


hey pple! Weekends at Coldwear are really tiring..actually i wonder how come there are so many pple going overseas!!! It's like endless stream of pple, and some customers spend almost a whole hour in our shop choosing and trying...some spend five mins..haha.
Anyway, to those who need winter wear, come visit me! haha, and those who need sunglasses, go visit my friend at the sunglasses counter at taka..she's super bored..haha..i'm referring to marie if anyone knows her?

The S1E blog.

The S1E blog.
Hiya! I just finished my PTP (4 weeks) and is now onto my 2nd week in BMT. Life is very tiring in army here. Got to wake up before 5.30am in the morning but we usually sleep around 10.30pm. Then got a lot of lessons, exercises, training and drills. Road marches are especially tough cause you got to march and sing with your fieldpack, SBO and rifle on. I estimate that the gear is more than 10 kg. Just did my 6 km one, very exhausting indeed. Best accomplishment is that I still have not reported to the medical officer. Hahaha ... my bunk left me and another guy on the 'Survivor Course' to see who can last longer. For the class guys who are enlisting in April, come get the list of items to bring from me. I just complied it so should be pretty useful. By the way, I am in Raven Company, Sch 2 so see if we can meet each other there. Sufian is the same company as me but different platoon so don't really have a lot of time to meet and talk. Food there is pretty okay too cause now got professional catering. Hmm ... thats all for now lar ... got to prepare to book in. Next week still got field camp ... haiz ... wish me luck.


Friday, January 14, 2005

annette your job is cool!! :) haha i vist u on weekends okay..



Hey ppl..haha, lost the password so i couldn't blog anything.Thank you yh for inviting me back..i guess i'm getting muddle-headed..
Anyway,today's my off day!I'm currently working as sales asst at coldwear @ Suntec. It's only a part-time job, i only work 32 hours a week, but weekends are a must, so my weekends are all burned up lor. It's actually quite a fun job, just serving customers and talking to them about winter wear, what they should wear, help them check for stock etc..Exactly what I wanted to do,but I didn't think I'll end up in a winterwear shop haha..
Oh! I went for my basic theory too on monday and met li outside the driving centre..the test was quite simple la,but i heard advance theory would be more out-of-context..hmm..hopefully i'll get the results back soon,then can start driving lessons! fun..but i just feel that i'm gonna crash the car hahahaha

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


heeehee. i must be one of the most frequent bloggers here. what to do, im deprived of all forms of social life. working kinda does that to ya.
aaaanyway. i think zubir's a fantabulous name. shall consider naming one of my sons that. wonder what it means. and yes, one of my sons. i intend to have many many!
if anyone wants to go for a makeover at that place in clarke quay, bring me along!
cuz i wanna see the cute guy again haha.
yeah yeah, his name is zubir. :)

back for seconds...

hallo hallo!

i met up with aliya and az yesterday! and it was tres nice to see them again. although i got an earful from my grandma (who i didn't know came over). so now i'm home, nice and early and i even bought egg tarts for the kids =D... aren't i the bestest? heh.

i'm totally pooped from work. i tell you those clinic assistants do a heck lot more work than the doctors. duties include (and are not limited to) :
- packing medicines and taking stock
- registering patients while trying to dispense medicine to someone else
- trying to read the doctor's handwriting (the horror.)
- emptying the wastepaper baskets
- having to collect stool samples from patients. shudder.

despite all the shit (no pun intended) involved in the job and the crummy pay, i find myself somehow enjoying the work. even if i do earn a mere $35 a day. ah well. the headnurseinchargeperson has decided to mozey along down under and left the clinic to my charge for 2 weeks! holy baloney. i swear that's going to start keeping me up at night.

on a brighter note, i just finished reading many books (okay not many but enough). Judith McNaught's Perfect is tres delectable. it's closet porny but haiyah i'm a sucker for romance. Dan Brown's Angels and Demons is also very good. but don't read too many of his books. versatility in the plot and a flexible writing style somehow manages to elude someone so.. smart.

aight. that's a good load of mindless ramblings. tired as heck and need a good long nap.

take care all. az and aliya, i want to see taufik! *heart*

and i miss fi. which completely sucks. so i'm going to stop here before i launch into a tirade against the Singapore government that would have this site banned and all the people using it arrested and deported to Batam.

much love and take care.

Monday, January 10, 2005

yes, i work in a female-oriented environment...

haha ahmed's not working with me, just that 1 day she happened to be in the same office building lah... pok!!

and there aint no eyecandy here too. all girls, and 1 married prc guy. woohoo.

oh ngeesh i cant add u bcuz ur is already the administrator of this blog! as in, u use the email add to register for so i cant add u further u know? i'll try again though...


Saturday, January 08, 2005


there is no eyecandy in the office!
oh, woe ist me.
haha okays that's my bit of drama for the day, over and done with.
today was a fabulous day, and even the fact that i spent a lot of money on things i don't need doesn't change that fact. because. it just is.
hmm hmm im beginning to enjoy my work, monotony and all. because, and this is a relatively little-known fact, i thrive on monotony. yes. i am boring like that. so all's well in my working life, except for the slightly annoying fact i mentioned above.

woohoo singapore just scored a goal!

[edit]nyahaha ahmed worked with me before this so, ME FIRST!
yeah okay, cheap thrill. :) [/edit]

My email

Hi yen han! thanks my email is

and to all other people, please send all emails to ok?

oh and one final note, those who are interested for jobs please contact chanks. he asked me to pass the word around. SO YOU BUMS OUT THERE WHO HAVE NOTHING TO DO can give him an sms ok? should be quite enriching lah... better than sitting around doing nothing. can buff up your resume and CVs also...

love you guys!


Thursday, January 06, 2005

ahmed works at the same place as me!

anyway sent already. by the way, ahmed works at the same place as me! how cool is that! :) -cheam

eh ngeeshin, u need to remember to sign off your name as well dear. anyways. whats ur email add? i'll send u the blog invite. -yh

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

hey guys!
i'm working as a relief teacher now, til june, at bedok south sec. its been quite an experience so far, what with the new type of students and the different sch culture where its 'cher all the way. seriously everyone calls you 'cher. but the students are still quite endearing. they are very friendly and very upfront with you, asking you all sorts of personal stuff. for the past 3 days i've been basically doing babysitting, but i taught abit of history and gave some maths help. quite slack la considering im getting 65 bucks a day and work an average of 7hrs a day with lots of breaks in between. :) but of course there are the students with real attitude problems and who are blatantly defiant and disrespectful. i'm quite thankful that im teaching mostly the express classes. so far what i've experienced of normal acad is not very pleasant. the normal techs are surprisingly nicer to interact with. no real teaching for these 3 days, so yup quite happy with teh job so far. and the staff lounge has a massage chair! and there's a pantry and a tv room with a karaoke set. lol now who says teachers don't have fun eh?

anyhow i do miss you guys lots. all the best for the boys going NS soon!

love, felicia

Someone help me invite me to my blog!!

Hey can someone teach me how to invite my own blog sth sth??? ok you know like how I already have a blog? So how do I put both the class blog and my own blog into the same dashboard?? Oh great people with IT kung fu please enlighten me.

Oh and ELIZER VARIAS please SIGN OFF WITH YOUR NAME so we know who you are.

Oh and people I want to tell you guys something really sad. I got a job that paid $50-$60 PER DAY at this law firm in the CBD area in S'pore and the manager actually said ok you can start monday. THEN I FREAKIN COULDN'T because I needed about 5 days for MOE to process my work permit which can only be processed AFTER they give me a employer's letter and the employer felt it was too much work so she didn't hire me after all but some local person who doesn't need to go through all this shit. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I almost got rich...

so now ngeeshin is jobless still...

well at least i'm learning to drive... :D

where am i?

ok... ngee shin told me to go here... i'm here... so? what's up everybody!!! anywayz hope u all alright, ya? n happy new year too!!! guess it's not so new anymore...

did u all know slacking is so fun? yup yup yup...

Saturday, January 01, 2005