The S1E blog.: June 2005

Friday, June 24, 2005

wah..quite a good composition, playing with leading lines and symmetry.. interesting angle that you chose there..would have been better if the picture was slightly brighter or if the reflection was can try composing pictures using the top of a car(must be clean lah) to show the reflection of the surroundings..oh yea..your composition would come out even more unique if you had wide-angle lens or fish-eye lens..haha...

anyway..i just got retrenched haha..

Nobody's posting anymore...

i thought ellen very poor thing to be carrying a monologue so i decided to post stuff here. hi! anyway i wanna show u guys a picture. i think it is super nice. took this on the way back from KL in April, with Liyana, Siqing, Yanti and Ahmed that time. take a look.. tell me your comments!

Thursday, June 23, 2005


my fone got erm, soaked, drenched, submersed, immersed, in water..
so yeah ppl, i kinda need ur numbers..
n sufiiiiii i wanna meet u or something..


Sunday, June 19, 2005


hey ppl.. haha... coming to sg on wed nite..
hope to see u guys soon..
haha... lets have a class outing =)



yo yo yo, juz trying to add some noise to they usually quiet blog, HAHAHA, HEHEHE, everyone lets make some noise!!! WOoHOOooo! EH, how abt lets play continue the story game? LEts play la, at least make the blog more fun to read....

ONce upon a time,
1. There was a nerdy guy,

Friday, June 10, 2005

ZOOO!! OOh, horses!!

But, hmm, I got family chalet on 17-19 June. Aiyah nvm, u all can still go there lah.
Have fun! But it's true haven't seen the class properly for ages.

Anyway, sheeshkebaboons, I'm broke but there are sales everywhere. :(

Anyway, school opening is drawing kinda near!! Haha, I don't know if my brains will still work again!!

rina its ok u fin ur test first, can always set other dates for the zoo.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

eh why no replies about the zoo other than yen han, danny boy and ellen(all the way from indo)... so i'm thinking of a tentative date of 25th june. the prices are as follows zoo is fourteen bucks, zoo and night safari 25 bucks, zoo night safari and jurong birdpark is 30 bucks the next avaible date will be 3rd or 9th. we see wat most pple want. n yanti and i are serious not kidding... so pls let us know asap k. it'll be gd to see everyone. cheers ahmed.

Monday, June 06, 2005

let's go see monkeys!

hmm ahmed's going ntu for psychology, cheryltay's going for business haha...

anyways, during break today me and ahmed had this VERY GOOD IDEA.
....let's make a trip to the singapore zoo for class outing!!
like, it'll be so fun cuz i think the monkeys in singapore are cuter and the tigers are fatter and cleaner and not so lazy cuz they seem to be escaping from their cages every other day hahahahaha....
kk we're quite serious okays, so must think about it!
singapore zoo! white tiger!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

who's gg to ntu

besides yancy, fel, ven and me?

Friday, June 03, 2005


heys. alrights. last sun class outing wasnt very ideal with only 5 ppl - sufi me yenhan sean hongyi turning up to watch Madagascar and shopping around. so now, the 2nd batch of NS guys are gonna have their POP soon and so they will have block leave for a week or so...these are the happening events coming up.
haven seen lots of u guys for ages! so please do come if u can make it k?

8 June: Zouk Mambo Night :)
13 June: Whole day event at Sentosa
18 June: Mahjong session at my house/whoever house that is available
19 June: Movie marathon/Potluck at
my house/sean's house/zhongzheng's house/any of the minah's house?

these are the ideas brainstormed by the 5 of us during the class gathering! hahaha. please leave comments and see whether u guys can make it alright?
more details will be up soon :)
miss u guys a lot!

God's Grace is sufficient for me :)

Hi people! Haha... Mindef decided to defer me!!! I will serve ns only after my 5 year course and housemanship training! It's so unexpected....didnt think they were that flexible previously.

I am sooo relieved and happy. Thank God! I kept praying and I really praise Him for His Grace! He gave me Medicine and now also answered my prayers. It's nothing short of a MIRACLE!!! ;))

God is so great...I was just beginning to accept my fate when this news came up...I think I've learnt to treasure my family more...well b4 this I was spending alot of time with them as I thought I'll be enlisting and cant see them anymore for a few weeks. Haha now I can also go coach my bro in his studies cos he's having PSLE this year.