The S1E blog.: February 2005

Thursday, February 24, 2005

econs cum math mentor wanted

hey pple!My sec teacher is asking for an econs & math mentor for her indonesian family friend. This guy is studying at united world college and wants to be admitted into the IB program. He needs a mentor to help him in econs essay---how to structure the essays instead of writing on and on and on, how to make the essays coherent etc.. Math, well, just teach him math i suppose.. This deal is for three months, pay negotiable. Anyone interested please tell me asap k?Thanks

Hey class, how's life, hope everything is fine for all ya?


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

for yenhan again!!! went on saturday right? qiao meh? Cos' i only went for break at 5, so if you went at 3+ 4+ i should have been there what...unless........i went for toilet break!!! hahahaha.... Or if you went on sunday then yah lah, i wasn't there in the afternoon, I worked 1030am-230pm on sunday mah...hMMMz....haha..
Anyway, this is my last week at coldwear! Gonna start work at iras on the 16th most i'll have two weeks break hahah... :) see ya soon!

this is for annette again!!

i went there in the afternoon leh around 3+ or 4+ like that.. then i walked around the whole shop once, haha. i think your colleagues were looking at us, like, why we walk 1 round then walk out liao :P how come so sway one i go when u're away! of all 9 hrs pian pian zai na ge shi hou chu qu chi fan :( heh.


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

this is for yenhan!!

haha....thanks for going to find me! hmmm....on saturday i was there from 1230-930pm mah, u went in the morning ah? or perhaps i was at break when u went haha... :)

Sunday, February 20, 2005

this is for annette!

annette! yesterday i went to cold wear but i didnt see you :(


Saturday, February 19, 2005


i wanna go for class reunion...
hopefully results wont be out on 4 march =(
coz otherwise i cant see u guys on results day.. so sad
BUT i think i shld be going to sg ard 6 or 7 march
hmphhh... see ya guys soon..

hey yasmin here jus wanna let u guys know i still exixt and aware of our closs blog ya hmmm tat bout it c u soon during collection of results aite

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Excuse For A Reunion...

check out the vjc webbie.. they're having some reunion thing for the ex vj people and the best represented class gets a mystery prize! oooooh... mysterious.

my house was near the bushfire! read the paper today. front page of the home section. scary sia!


The S1E blog.
heyheyhey! haha..for some weird reason im extremely happy todae.. going to swim soon.. anywaes realli glad to see ngeesh and yenny and sufi.. sorri for leaving earli.. the music abit cannot make it rite.. haha.. okk newaes i hope everyone had a great vdae! miss all the stupid but sweet things we do in school.. like ven and i went to giant to lug the bottles of snoopy and wateva back to school for the class guys.. haha. memorriesss. no prob just passing by.. happy working k? :)
yeayeayea! meet up soon. tho quite hard cos all working diff hrs. but we'll see..:) take care guys. love u ppl


Tuesday, February 15, 2005


back from japan alrd. okies not that great a trip cos there wasn't enough time. i updated on lj alrd so quite lazy to update here =x oh wells went to tokyo osaka and kyoto. but not too happy abt the trip.

anyway work is piling up and im drowning! gotta speed mark scripts for 4 classes and go thru them with the classes by thurs. is that siao or what. and the greatest joke is that the subject is physics. just shoot me... but thankfully it isn't that hard and my physics knowledge is slowly but surely returning. but quite irritated that the classes bully me cos i know them pretty well. they do amuse me so but if i laugh or smile i can't do ANYTHING. the sec3s are the dearest to my heart, followed by the sec1s. sec2s and sec4s and 5s don't have any of my affections.

haha anyway yes happy friendship and valentines' to everyone! albeit abit late but nevermind its the thought that counts right? oh ngeesh i didn't know u were in s'pore to visit! was it when i was in japan? miss you tonnes!

anyway is the KL trip confirmed? if not i'll go aussie or sth...dying to go somewhere on my own. ahh anyone up for backpacking?

let's go out as a class soon lei. we shld make this tradition like once a mth we go to somewhere to meet up, regardless of who is coming, but just try to go. so there will be some form of contact amongst the class. heard abt this from mabel (from vj choir who's now my colleague) who says its a german tradition. cool right?

okies shall stop here. got lots of marking to do... :(


I like monkeys!

Hey everyone! Thanks Rina Yenhan Sufi for meeting up that day. I was hoping I could catch more of you in S'pore but haiiiiiyah what to do you guys so busy. Hope to see everyone again real soon! I'm so paranoid now. My results!! OH GOODNESS MY RESULTS!! *hyperventilates* I keep getting nightmares of ADDD (A for Bio and D for the rest) and I always have this nagging feeling that it'll actually come true! Yeah, so I try not to think about it.

Come to KL yes? I'm gonna keep bugging you guys about it. Muahahaha

Love, Ngee Shin

Monday, February 14, 2005

14th Feb

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Friendship Day to everyone...Hope everyone had a good time today, whether attached or not :) And hope everyone had a great new year... haha, enjoy the new year goodies :) Oh yea, thanks to Rina for visiting me! You look great :p haha..

Sunday, February 13, 2005

inner peace

hehe.. yoz people
hehe.. i finally found inner peace.. feel so good
haha.. thanks ven for listening to me, haha.. =)
chinese new year was fun fun fun, hehe.. so many people came to my house
hahaha.. a real cny celebration after how many years of solitude
yup yups, so to any1 out there whose feelings i might have hurt, im sorry
sometimes i dun realise it until its too late..
hehehe... i started work for my dad already.. its not slack..
haha.. but its an eye opening experience..
take care,


appeal to noise

wah why sudd so quiet, blog more leh.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


sorry guys i think a levels results will be out 1st wk of march. since we all have to handle application and all that, i suggest it be postponed to 1st wkend of april. all okay?


oops ngeesh i just realised u msged me on msn haha....people came over so i turned off the monitor la...sorry! hurhur much as i'd wish to have a close-up of taufik smiling at me, specially and only for me, im not so fortunate :(
oh wells.
anyways. driving's fun! and the instructors i got so far were nice, but i've only done 2 pracs, so i hope the rest are just as nice! omg i was all weak-kneed and shaky after the first one, i spilt my tea after that hahaha. the 2nd one was not so nerve-wracking, and the instructor was great, he was so pok i forgot to be nervous, haha. nevertheless i made sure i used both hands to hold my tea after that :p
oh oh oh and he let me out on the streets already like, wow! i was like, "are you sure???" and he just went, " me, why you scared!"
but. i nearly knocked down some biker...i think. and a pedestrian, oops.
oh and i cut my hair! now i look like a boy sometimes and a really weird-looking girl the rest of the time but nvm, i like having a lighter head heehee.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Ellen and her weirdos

Why does Ellen always get encounters with weirdos ah? Hahaha, yh remember the ang moh guy who was practically salivating over her and ogling at Armani X? Well people, I'll be really happy if you guys could come to KL. I'll bring you to the shopping essentials!! Bring your calculator along ah... haha.. then can divide prices by 2.3... hahaha... very hard leh... cannot do it mentally. Speaking of which, my math now like almost all give back to Mr Koh already. HAHAHA... Yeah doing law is like different lah from all the Bio Chem Math last time. Haha... But I realise some things don't change. like when i write "exchange", i use the x and a triangle. and like "heat" i use triangle. (there was this case where this guy fell asleep with his cigarettes then when he woke up the bed was burning then he just move to the next room and leave the fire... like HOW stupid can you get right? yeah then he was charged with arson) yeah and they way i use short forms is still very like a science student lah basically. Yeah so anyway, oh yeah and one person actually asked me if doing law conflicts with me bring a Christian. Like you know how the lawyer jokes always say that all lawyers are scum and scheming and liars and stuff? Well, i don't agree with that. i think it's up to you what kind of path you choose to take and what kind of morals and person you choose to be. But i guess it's sometimes true to a certain extent that the more brutal and apathetic lawyers are the richer ones. But money isn't everything lah. must learn to be content with whatever circumstances we're in.

I DIDN"T GET TO SEE ELLEN IN NON-PRINCESS CLOTHES!! haha, as for me, i'm starting to buy more clothes... I miss uniforms!!! like now i wear heels and pretty tops to college. it's really fun at first but sometimes it's such a pain to worry about what to wear the next day. but i'm like not as well dressed as some of them. like girls here are really gorgeous. there's these few girls who have cornrows in their hair... you know like how alicia keys always wear her hair? and i was wondering HOW on earth do they wash their hair... hmm... yeah, crazy hairstyles are like a norm here... people are really proud of their hair! and make up is like a staple thing. people wear make up every day to school. not heavy lah, just like a bit... But the girls here are soooo freakin pretty, i feel inferior sometimes! BOY DO I MISS UNIFORMS. oh but one good thing though, now i don't feel so tall anymore!! YAY!! yeah bec people are on the average taller here (maybe it's also the heels??). so now i don't feel like a mutant... hahaha... well i guess you all can symphatise with me on the clothes part since you're all working now and have to think of workwear. uniforms were so great right? oh but people I"M GETTING FAT!! like i really put on weight here cuz the food is really good and like cheap and FATTY!!! like all the coconut milk and santan and oil and OH MY GOODNESS PLEASE STOP ME FROM EATING!!!! like where's the healthy food man!


love and lots of more love,
Ngee Shin