The S1E blog.: December 2004

Friday, December 31, 2004

almost new year

Haha, lucky you getting a slack job yh!

I'm still unemployed except on the odd days when my cousin needs me to sell his wares at the mosque. Anyway, who hasn't entered NS already from our class? And who already went in? Haha, kinda blur about this. All the guys in our class go in in Jan?

I developed my prom pics! And the shop adjusted the colour of my pics so it didn't look very blue. Yay shopkeeper at parkway! Quite cheap also 101 photos for $20.20!

Anyway, Happy New Year in advanced! Sigh, I don't wanna turn 19 next year, 18 is a just nice age!!!

eu yan sang rocks.

eh guys! im working yay :) got a job as receptionist at eu yan sang tcm clinic. quite an ok job i guess.. pay's little. and i'm actually free enough to sit here and type this so.. yeah. haha...

have fun guys in ns! jan 6 / 7 is coming soon :

Monday, December 27, 2004

Thanks Yen han!!

WOWOWOW, finally, links! especially for great photos, like viesta soliel and whatever! a photo evokes a thousand memories! it's like sighhhh. si qing, thanks for being diligent in photo taking! can still remember our horror when we discovered the next day that the bloody dough had morphed into huge mutant thingees twice their size!! and aliya's photos are a weird psychadelic blue. so cool. must be because of the videacam. we all look like we're in a club or something. thanks yen han for putting those up! so happy!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

sadly aliya, im not in the class photo for prom :(

molotov cocktail!

haha okays i just like the sound of it....molotov cocktail!
anyways after a great deal of stress and frustration i have managed to add the class blog to my blogger account haha...much thanks to yenhan! :)
okays better be getting back to my da vinci exciting, i finally get to read! heh yeah slow i know but, better late than never man.
cant wait for the movie, even with tom hanks acting, not tom cruise!
by the way i think blogger has weird timing options. hmm.

Friday, December 24, 2004

a hedonist (not) at work

Hello people!!!
How're you folks doing?? I'm currently unemployed & living off my parents. I sound like such a bum, which I am. =D

Haha, I got your card & pics SQ! Thanks a lot.

Nothing much to say except, Merry Xmas to you all & have a happy new year.
Enjoy the break (if you do have one).

I feel deliriously happy!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

applications suck!

hello guys.. uni and scholarship applications r so tiring. they suck. -yenhan

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

i am here!

hey ppl! oh man! we have a blog! hehe. so cool! yup. have been busy going out and writing xmas cards to everyone! yup! sending it to everyone in class! except ellen and elizer..ellen i will give u urs when u come singapore k? yup! hope u all will like it :) spent lots of effort k...but i tink maybe u all will receive it after xmas or something coz' i am only sending them tmr..
yeah. i am down with a terrible sore throat after too much party-ing. sobz. hope i still can carol.
anyway, do come down to support us. the vj choir will be at ritz and raffles from 21-25 dec during the evenings. yeah. i will be carolling on 22 and 23 at ritz from 645-715 pm and 25 dec in the afternoons at raffles. different grps from yh. but still can support(provided i have the voice to sing) sobz...

siqing :)

Ngee Shin is in Singapore!

yes i am!! hahaha... ok it's so great to hear from you guys. my uni applications are going haywire. got a job offer from a law firm in singapore (local firm lah...haha how i wish it was an MNC), minimum 3 months, doing administrative work, reception, making letters, bankruptcy threats, like loan shark ah? ahahaha i dunno.... i feel like becoming this bimbo receptionist, "hi xxx law partnership, how may i help you? *files nails, puts on lipstick* that's all good i guess, but i can't take it up yet because my uni applications and entry is so uncertain, cuz if i'm going to study in malaysia then terms starts 3rd jan!!! like huh? i hope nobody takes my place in the job. i'm doing an EXTREMELY LAST MINUTE application to the US now. i don't blame our tutors for feeling like *@#&^ those who are free please tell me! i wanna meet up with people! :) but i guess most of you have jobs now and stuff. hey please sign off with your names ya? i mean, at least identify yourselves

Love, ngee shin

Monday, December 20, 2004


heys peeps its me ellen.. haha..
indo rocks.. if u think that having too much time with little to do is relaxing. haha.. looks like this xmas i'll be like hmn... having it at home again.. no xmas tree.. someone send me one.. haha.. juz kidding..
i miss my jap anime.. they dun have the full series here in indo..
cant wait to get my hands on my ibook.. lalalala... best fren of mine tricked me to decide on an ibook instead of a powerbook and he is ghetting a powerbook himself.. this is trickery discrimination.. just coz he thinks ibook suits gals better.. bleahzzz.. n to think he isnt coming back to indo this hols.. life is boring ya..
ate so much i grew huger n bigger.. think i can squash sean now if i sit on him.. bet he's in thailand enjoyign himself.. immersing himself in some guilty pleasuresss... chibang.. must grow up turn straight.. stop gaying.. it isnt healthy..
love this menthos advertisement in indo whereby this guy with his gal banged up this macho, harleydavidson kinda meet wrestlers kind of guy..then he act gay.. n the macho guy ran away.. ya.. its funny..
oh well.. see ya guys nect yr..

Sunday, December 19, 2004

im back! oh vjchoir (aka me) is carolling at ritz and raffles hotel on all days from 21-25 dec. start time 6pm (except for 25 which starts at 3). come support! if you're supporting me however go to ritz on 21 and 24, and raffles on 25. yup :)



Hey people!
How's hols? I've been slacking quite a lot and going out here and there,yep,that's just about it..looking for a job too..oh yah, anyone looking for a job can try not a bad site, just that you never know when the agencies will reply haha...Anyway, wish all of you an early merry christmas! haha... :)

First blood

hey hey, i'm da first guy to write something! Yo pple, hope u all have fun during da hols, merry christmas and a happy new year! lolz. Miss class gatherings man, shld have one when they NS guys are realised on weekends... Hey, ngeez, are u bloggin from malaysia? How come u sometimes ask me questions on msn den when i reply, u hv no response? Dao me izzit? hah. k nuff said.


hello yanti! yah i think got something wrong with e timing for my post.. haha.. anyway what did you DO to ur teeth? how come surgery to take out or put in what. or to whiten?


nurr how come im suddenly pushed all the way backkkk....tsktsk cheat my feelings!
haha i bet u all purposely changed the time & date rite!

anyways im damn free nowadays, cuz im recovering from the mother of all toothaches, so! be prepared! to see me blab a lot! in this blog!

you have been warned :p


need a favour!

righto. i'll get straight to it.

i have a friend right now who has to pay her whole year's school fees ($2400) by the 3rd of Jan 05. the problem isn't the money. it's just that she needs a job to be able to pay back the money. unfortunately the money lender won't lend if she doesn't get a part time job. she's only 15 and she really really needs a job like after school and stuff. she doesn't mind any form of labour as long as it fetches her about $400 a month.

so korek deep deep into your little black books cause i need a favour. thanks thanks thanks. (if you help me) heh. kidding.

ps. this isn't one of those crummy my-kid-has-aids-and-i've-got-a-deal-with-AOL kinda email thingies. i know this person personally.
her mom aint paying for some reason. and she doesn't even live with her family right now. all i know is stuff's a little screwed up with her and she really needs this.

thanks a lot people. merry christmas and happy happy new year. *heart*

luvvies, li

Saturday, December 18, 2004


nyaknyak im 3rd!
...i think?

anyways guess what guess what!
heheheh...i went for dental surgery today! omg it sucks ass, but it made me realise that i shld probably give up hopes of studying medicine cuz i get super freaked out receiving injections and i'd probably cry if i hafta inject others. :(
so yeah, im aspirationless for now.
anyways, the good thing is, im gonna have nice teeth when im 40 or 50! mmm exciting rite! and i get an 8-day MC!
ooh and another thing. u all must support taufik when his first CD comes out okayyyy cuz he's the greatest and the funnest and, corny as it may sound, i kept hearing his versh of "I Dream" before and after the sugery so yeah, i shall proudly declare him my guardian angel :)

hokays i think i talk too much about myself. kinda like seth cohen. hmm.
aiyar, byebye, have fun!


hello hello!

nice to hear from you guys! fel, glad you're back. li and yanti, muax muax!! well i'll be going to singapore on the 19th Dec. is anyone free?? 19th 20th 21st...

i may end up studying in malaysia too. which i don't really mind. because i don't think i'm really suited for NUS life. i need a bit more space. but i really really miss you guys... wish i could drag you all up here to malaysia!

love, ngee shin

hello my dear class!

hmm yes i came back on the 14th morn, erm learnt alot there, and grew to appreciate singapore stuff more too. but as with all developing countries, there were plenty of dirty toilets and cowdung all over. and so many beggars in the city (Chennai) . thank God, i spent most of my time in the yelagiri hills at a christian retreat centre and a christian boys home in vellore. the warmt and hospitality of the people is amazing, and the children are so eager to learn. really encouraging experience. but i met not only the village kids, i also met with children from a premier boarding school as my missions team was there to conduct a workshop on ambition. they are seriously a whole lot of bright students and i think that many of them are probably smarter than s'pore kids, myself included =x

anyway its good to be back, and those who are free on christmas eve, there's a christmas play + dinner at my church. haha i'll be acting so pls come and see! its not your typical nativity scene about Jesus in a manger. yup come come. its free! my church is at pasir panjang tho, but can take alot of buses there! or can take to harbourfront and take bus. msg me if your interested k!

love, felicia

Friday, December 17, 2004

yanti is 4th!

haha im 3rd. :)

hello everyone yenhan is in the house! :) can eugene luah b allowed to post here? haha

Hi all!

ironically i'm the second person to post. firstly, cause i don't even update my own blog. (there are many who can attest to that :P) and secondly, cause i just didn't think i'd be the second person. haha...

thanks to ngeesh and everyone else for setting up the blog. TRES exciting.

what's been up? JOB HUNTING. haha. that's mainly it! i never knew it was so hard to get a damn job here. bah bah bah. well.. i'm supposed to get calls from some clinic in jurong and tuition agency blablablapeoples. haha. the classifieds are my best friend!

other than that, it's the usual. slacking. sleeping the whole day. going out. nothing new. i'm SO BORED OF THE HOLIDAYS. bring on university!

luvvies, li

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Hola S1E!!

hi you guys!! eh, use the blog okay? and please sign off with your names so we all know who it is! miss you guys very much!! i will be posting updates about what's going on in my life now soon, and so should you!! your life, for guys your NS (yes i'm yours haha), your new job, your uni applications, your love life yadda yadda. we're such a caring class right right? so we must keep each other updated! yes yes.

love, Ngee Shin